There are a lot of elements and factors to take into account in determining the towing costs but in most cases, these can be identified after a brief interview over the phone with our call answering staff.

Our 24-hour front liners and towing service dispatch center are always on standby and set to respond to emergency towing calls at all times. Call us at 720-605-4960 if you want expert and accurate answers to questions like “Is your towing cost fixed or do you charge per mile for it?”, “How much will I pay if I want my car towed from my location to my desired destination?”, and other important inquiries.

If you have been looking for “cheap towing,” a “cheap tow truck,” or an “affordable towing company,” you have found the best option there is in Lakewood. Tow Truck Lakewood serves only premium quality towing and roadside assistance services not just in Lakewood but its nearby towns like Denver, as well.

Have our front liners give you an accurate towing cost estimate. More often than not, these are the questions they would ask:
Is it an emergency situation that requires urgent response? This serves as our determinant in deciding whether we should continue with the discussion that can surely take time or we dispatch our team right away.

  • Is your car in an accident?
  • Where is your car now? Where do you want it towed to?
  • Is your car still working and intact?
  • Are the wheels still movable?
  • Is your car off the road or somewhere hardly accessible?
  • Is it in a dry area or does it have to be extracted from a body of water or a mud?
  • Does the situation of your car allow us to tow it right away?

Depending on the technicalities of the job, there are different factors that can actually affect your towing costs. That is why pays to be fully informed before you talk with our team to make sure an accurate quote is provided in the fastest time possible. For a top quality towing service in Lakewood and its nearby areas, Tow Truck Lakewood is the company to call and count on at all times.