Cars breaking down the highway is one of the most terrifying experiences. Good thing there are local Lakewood towing services that are ready to save the day. With just one call to Front Range Vehicle Recovery, our technicians and specialists will be on the way to you.

There is massive value to hiring a Lakewood towing service. As a professional towing company, we are prepared to offer assistance. We are equipped and well aware of the proper methods to do recovery and heavy-duty towing. Our services are designed to provide roadside assistance or haul away idle vehicles.

Hiring a Lakewood towing service can help ease your mind in times of disaster.

Our Lakewood towing services will transfer your vehicle safely to its destination. We have the right towing equipment to safely and quickly transport your car. This means you can relax and breathe. With Tow Truck Lake Wood, you will be working with a reliable Lakewood towing company. We have professional long-distance towing, emergency towing, and flatbed towing. And our tow trucks are top-of-the-line. Our clients can rest assured their vehicles will be safe during transport.

Towing services in Lakewood are often readily available. Towing and hauling vehicles is not a simple task. It can be daunting and stressful. But local tow companies are most often than not, ready to give assistance. At Tow Truck Lake Wood, we get to where you are in Lakewood as quickly as possible. Our towing services and professional technicians are always on standby. We are ready anytime in case we get the call.

A professional towing and hauling company offers safer hauling or recovery. With local towing and hauling, your vehicle will be much safer during transportation. Experts and professionals have extensive towing experience. We are seasoned when it comes to doing short or long-distance towing.

Lakewood towing services are cost-effective and reliable. Let us be honest. Towing a car is not cheap especially when the location is far.  You can expect the towing price to be more expensive than usual the further the location is. But, Tow Truck Lake Wood believes in honest and fair towing services. Our towing charges are based on customer needs and without hidden fees.

We offer Lakewood towing and hauling services in all weather conditions. A professional Lakewood towing company works no matter the weather condition. That means you can get roadside assistance even if it is storming or snowy.

Comprehensive towing solutions for any type of vehicle. A professional Lakewood towing company often offers full-service towing solutions and roadside assistance. So from unlocking your car, and repairing tires, to hauling away exotic cars, you can count on Tow Truck Lake Wood.

Towing companies have fully equipped towing trucks. By contracting a Lakewood towing company, you know your vehicle is in safe hands. Tow Truck Lake Wood has experts and specialists. And our towing tow trucks are fully equipped. Our trucks have safety lights, chains, and components for securing a car.

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Need an emergency towing service? Contact Tow Truck Lake Wood now and talk with our dispatcher. We are here to help you!

Resolving roadside issues is easier with the assistance of a Lakewood towing company. By hiring professional Lakewood towing services, you will get the best results. Lakewood towing services are your best option when in need of roadside assistance.

If you are looking for a towing and hauling in or around the Lakewood area, we are the local professionals to call. Tow Truck Lake Wood can help!

Our towing and hauling services include:


    • Emergency towing. It does not matter what time it is, you can count on our emergency towing services. We can tow any type of vehicle stranded in the Lakewood, CO area. When it comes to emergency services, you will not find anyone better than Tow Truck Lake Wood.
    • Long-distance towing. Are you planning on transporting your car from Lakewood to anywhere? Or from other cities to Lakewood, CO? We have comprehensive towing services for this type of towing need.
    • Small-medium vehicle towing. No matter what type or model of vehicle you have, you will not be waiting around for a long time. We can tow small to medium cars from anywhere in Lakewood.
    • Flatbed towing. There are certain kinds of vehicles that require a flatbed tow truck. Vintage, luxury, and exotic vehicles need extra attention and safety measures.
    • Private property towing. Is there an unpermitted vehicle on your private property? For unauthorized or abandoned vehicles on your property, this is the type of towing you need.

For the best and most reliable towing, call Tow Truck Lake Wood. We will not leave you stranded for long. Our technicians and heavy-duty tow trucks are on call all the time. You can speak with a Tow Truck Lake Wood dispatcher now for more details and a free towing estimate.