Tow Truck Lakewood offers towing and roadside assistance to Lakewood, Jefferson County, and Denver, Colorado.

What Type of Tow Truck Do I Need?

Different road emergencies may require towing but what a reliable company like Tow Truck Lakewood usually does is dispatch the type of tow truck most fit to the situation. You will be surprised at the fact that there are actually a number of tow truck types and contrary to an ordinary driver’s impression, each of them is purposely designed to address towing needs better depending on the specifics.  
Here at Tow Truck Lakewood, it is our vow to always keep every driver or car owner on the road safe and accompanied at all times. We are known not just for our unmatched road assistance services but for our towing programs as well. Currently, we cater to light-duty and medium-duty towing needs using our flatbed tow trucks and hook and chain tow trucks. If you are caught in a bad roadside situation, it pays to know which type of tow truck you actually need if in case you need reliable towing in Denver or wherever you are in Colorado.

Types of Tow Truck:
1.       Flatbed Tow Truck – If it is a motorcycle you own, or a sedan, an SUV, a van, or even a truck and you want it towed with care so that its value is preserved and any possible damage is avoided.  If that’s the case then a flatbed tow service nearby is what you should choose. This kind of tow truck is commonly used for most towing needs. From the name itself, this kind of tow truck has a long empty bed with a flat top surface and is able to carry light to medium vehicles. A lot of customers prefer this more over the others for the fact that the towed car can easily be driven up its ramp or the car can easily be pulled up in case it is immovable or it is suffering from a breakdown.


2.       Hook and Chain Tow Truck – A hook and chain tow truck is designed to tow or carry any medium-sized and cargo vehicles. While it is also widely used, a study has discouraged people from using this because of the fact that this tow truck puts a lot of pressure on the towed vehicle potentially causing damage. But again, it is a case to case basis. For instance, if you just want to get rid of a wrecked vehicle from your private property, a hook and chain tow truck is perfect to do the job for you.
Presently, Tow Truck Lakewood does not perform heavy towing but it is still popularly known for its quality towing services not just in Lakewood but throughout the rest of the towns in Colorado as well. Flatbed towing in Lakewood, CO is what we are best known for, along with our reliable roadside assistance services. Call us now for a fast, prompt, and reliable car recovery and tow service!