Private Property Towing


Ever own a private parking property and have to face unauthorized parking and abandoned vehicles? Truth be told, it can really be frustrating when someone leaves their vehicle in your private parking lot without the rightful owner’s permission.

​Not only it takes up space which is supposedly for the owner’s vehicle or other purposes, it also has a tendency to block your way, or your business, which can really be annoying and risky when emergencies arise. If you are in such a challenging situation, fret no more! Here at Front Range Vehicle Recovery, your interest is protected. We can tow away unauthorized vehicles! 

We, at Front Range Vehicle Recovery, provide 24/7 tow services because we know accidents and emergencies can happen anytime. Just give us a call and our knowledgeable and experienced tow operators will immediately respond to your site to remove unpermitted vehicles out of your private property while practicing compliance and fair resolution to all.

The experience of our tow drivers is unmatched; they haul every vehicle carefully and professionally to our private property impound facility. The owners can come to claim them but should there be any delay, the safety and security of these vehicles is ensured.

Here at Front Range Vehicle Recovery, feel secured with our towing facility:

  • 24/7 customer support and on-site response team
  • Our storage locations are safe and secured
  • Our courteous and friendly vehicle operators in uniform are highly trained and knowledgeable at what they do
Private Property Towing | Tow Truck Lakewood

With Front Range Vehicle Recovery‘s commitment to serve every property owner in need, for over many years, we have mastered the area of Private Property Towing and Impounds. We deploy only skilled tow truck drivers and operators and use top of the line tow equipments to make sure the situation is dealt with safety and high quality. Whether it is a motorcycle, a sedan, SUVs, or even a bus illegally parking  on your area, we can tow it for you.

​Ca​ll us if you need any or more of the following services:

  • Parking permit issuance upon request
  • Photo documentation of the parking violation
  • Immediate removal of vehicles that are illegally parking, thereby blocking private properties, or fire lanes, garbage dumpsters, and business infrastructure
  • Removal of cars parked in areas reserved for the person-with-disability without a sign
  • Removal of unauthorized, abandoned vehicles

In addition, we can also relocate vehicles hampering maintenance repairs, stand-by service for special occasions, vehicle lockout and other recovery assistance services. As we are a towing contractor that acknowledges the sensitivity of parking enforcement, we make sure Front Range Vehicle Recovery can cater all your towing concerns with great solutions.

Our trained team is able to inspect your private property on a regular basis to make sure no vehicle has illegally parked in your area even without you watching. Every vehicle we tow, we maintain and send updated information to you; digital photos included.

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