Flatbed Tow


For certain types of towing, a regular tow truck just won’t do. Maybe the vehicle is too damaged, too heavy, is too low on the ground, or has 4-wheel drive. For all these and other various reasons, we provide flatbed towing.

​Flatbed tows are also offered for luxury, exotic, vintage, and other types of vehicles in which special attention and care is needed. When you call us for towing service, our customer care specialist talks to you in-depth to get as much information about your vehicle as we can before making the decision whether to give you flatbed towing or not.

With our flatbed trucks, hydraulics is used to lower or raise the flatbed. We are a prompt, professional Lakewood, Colorado towing company and we are proud of our ability to provide work that get your vehicle safe and sound to your specific destination. Our flatbed towing helps with several different types of vehicles, such as:

  • Pick Up Trucks
  • SUVs and Small Trailers
  • Cars and Vans
  • Minivans and Motorcycles
Lakewood Colorado's Best Flatbed Towing Service

When it comes to your vehicle, we know how important every decision and detail regarding your vehicle is. And when it breaks down, you want the very best. The choice you make for a tow has an impact that ultimately affects your vehicle down the road. Front Range Vehicle Recovery is the preeminent company for flatbed towing in Lakewood, Colorado and we are here to assist you with picking the correct tow for your vehicle. 

Regardless of what you are looking for as far as a tow, our tow trucks can meet your towing needs. From light duty to flatbed, we can help with all your towing requests.