More often than not, when we get a new version of something we hold onto the old one and add it to our collection. This practice can be impractical with large items like vehicles, particularly if it’s rusty, damaged and inoperable.

In this situation, one may consider disposing of the old one and trading it for cash—unfortunately, may not be so easy. Buyers of old, junk cars are hard to find nowadays. While junk shops are available, the cash they offer is scarce and most of the time they do not cover the towing. If you choose this option, you will need to have your old car towed from your garage all the way to that shop at your expense, which can be costly.
Thanks to professional auto wrecking , you can avoid the hassle. Auto wrecking serves the same purpose as selling junk cars, helping you dispose of your car easily with added benefits.
Here is why you should consider having your car wrecked professionally:
1.     Payout – It’s true, you can still earn money from your wrecked car. A good auto wrecking company like Tow Truck Lakewood checks each part of the car first. Salvageable parts will be handed over so you can enjoy the cash you can potentially earn from them. The remainder of the car will be wrecked. This offers a potentially quicker and more practical solution than waiting with the uncertainty for that potential buyer as you sell your junk car.
2.      Instant garage space – A reliable auto wrecker like Tow Truck Lakewood will handle the removal of your old car from your garage with its free tow service. Calling their hotline for an unmatched wrecker service means a more spacious garage for your brand new car.
3.      No need to sell – There are two options to dispose of your old car, selling it or having it auto wrecked. The first may take a while before finally meeting a potential buyer. A professional tow truck and auto wrecker company will do the selling for you through its “cash for junk no title” program, giving you the cash you deserve right when you need it.
Too good to be true offers of cash for junk cars in Denver or elsewhere in Colorado are so profuse that finding a professional company to call can be easy. But remember, it’s best to weigh all options. Choosing the right auto wrecking, towing, and road assistance service provider like Tow Truck Lakewood will make you feel secure. They vow to provide nothing but only top quality services wherever you may be in Colorado. Give us a call and it will be the best decision you’ll ever make as a junk car owner.